Kornbread "The Snack" Jeté took to Twitter to confirm she won't return for 'Drag Race' Season 15.

Kornbread Won't Be Back For More Drag Race, And She Explained Why

Everyone expected her to come back!


When Season 14 of Drag Race started, there was one name on everyone’s lips: Kornbread. The charismatic L.A. queen stole the premiere episode by winning the talent show and becoming a clear frontrunner for the crown. But unfortunately, her time was cut short due to an injury. Fans weren’t too concerned about her early exit, though, since most viewers had come to the foregone conclusion that RuPaul would invite Kornbread back for the next season, as she has done in the past with injured contestants. However, Kornbread “The Snack” Jeté revealed on Twitter that she won’t be on Drag Race Season 15, and she explained why.

Kornbread left the competition after Episode 4, revealing in a video message at the beginning of Episode 5 that she had injured her ankle and had to withdraw from Drag Race in order to treat it. This came as a huge shock to both fans and her fellow contestants, since Kornbread had been excelling in the challenges up to that point. The sudden, injury-related exit also felt very familiar to fans, who recalled Eureka O’Hara had to leave Season 9 prematurely due to a knee injury, and Drag Race UK Season 3’s Victoria Scone similarly left early to treat an injury. Since Eureka was able to come back in Season 10 after her knee healed, fans assumed Ru would offer the same return to Kornbread, but apparently, that isn’t happening.

In the middle of Season 14’s broadcast, Kornbread took to Twitter to confirm she will not be on Season 15, nor will be be on an All Stars season.

Her tweets had many fans wondering why Kornbread wouldn’t, which she promptly answered by re-sharing her Entertainment Weekly exit interview. “I said it when I first left the show and they reiterated! A b*tch just wants to focus on her transition,” Kornbread wrote.

In the interview she linked to, Kornbread said she wants to focus on her transition (she previously revealed she had only just begun transitioning when filming Season 14), as well as taking her acting career to the next level. “I want to complete my journey into transitioning, and I want to go into full-time acting. That's what I came to L.A. for, and drag just happened to happen, which is the greatest thing to happen to me besides discovering my self-identity," Kornbread told EW.

While she may not be returning for Season 15, Kornbread definitely isn’t going to be leaving our TV screens anytime soon. She was recently cast to appear alongside fellow Drag Race legends Ginger Minj and Kahmora Hall in Disney+’s Hocus Pocus 2. Drag Race may not be in her future, but Kornbread’s clearly still baking up some incredible projects for fans to look forward to.