Mabel (Selena Gomez), Oliver (Martin Short), Charles (Steve Martin) and Lucy (Zoe Margaret Colletti)...

This Tiny Moment On Only Murders Could Give A Big Clue About A New Suspect


by Ani Bundel
Craig Blankenhorn/Hulu

Only Murders In The Building has centered the Arconia in both of its cases so far. Season 1 delved into the secrets of the teenagers who ran wild there and the tragedy that resulted. Season 2 has gone further, with a victim whose family has been the lifeblood of the building for multiple generations. But Episode 4 physically dived into the building’s own inner arteries and came up with a new suspect: The mysterious person creeping (and sneezing) around in the Only Murders “Arcatacombs” passageway.

Warning: Spoilers for Only Murders In The Building Season 2, Episode 4 follow. Episode 4, “Here’s Looking At You...” introduced Lucy, the daughter of the woman Charles was seeing many years ago, who he sees as a surrogate child. (Lucy agreed, saying he’s the best of the five “dads” she’s had so far.) But Lucy’s habit of running to Charles to escape her mother’s latest spouse meant she was (unbeknownst to him) in the Arconia the night Bunny was stabbed.

Lucy texted Charles, saying she was in New York, but Charles, who does not comprehend texting, did not understand that to mean she was already in the building, on his floor. Thinking the kid was with her mom somewhere in Manhattan, he told her maybe they could meet up next time, and then he followed Mabel off to the roof.

Rejected, Lucy snuck into Charles’ apartment and her safe space — the passageways within the Arconia that run between every apartment. As Lucy settled in to record a video about how strange it was to be back in the building, she heard Bunny’s screams, which ended up being the building president’s final moments.


What happened next was hard to see. Lucy heard footsteps and then realized someone was in the passageway with her. Lucy shrank back and made herself as small as possible as the figure, dressed all in black and wearing a ski mask, swept their flashlight around, wondering if they heard something. There was a sneeze. Then they left.

So, is known about this person?


The person is not exceptionally tall. There’s no evidence to make conclusions about their gender or race. Whoever they are, they’re kind of boxy-shaped in the nondescript coverall.

One thing fans do know: The person has allergies. The Arcatacombs are dusty and dirty, with spiderwebs everywhere. Whoever was behind the mask did not think to take medication before entering the back hallways, or perhaps they were too much in a hurry to think about the reality of the state of the tunnels.

But perhaps as importantly, viewers know that the person was familiar with these passageways. There was barely any time between Bunny’s screams and the passage opening, and the person walked in confidently. They also immediately recognized something was amiss in the tunnel, even though they didn’t find Lucy.

However, several things don’t add up here: The person was not carrying Bunny’s painting. There was no weapon, just the flashlight. And, to be fair, audiences don’t know if this person was even the murderer. They could be someone moving through the passage for another nefarious purpose.

Also, Bunny lives on 12 with Mabel, but Charles’ apartment, where Lucy entered, is on 14, one floor up. (Look at the elevator buttons next time you see someone get on one; there is no 13th floor.) Unless Lucy climbed down a floor — which she could have, but the episode didn’t show that — this person wasn’t coming from Bunny or Mabel’s apartment.

Either way, Lucy needs to come back and tell Charles and the other podcasters what she saw. Whatever happened to Bunny, there may have been more than one illegal activity that went down that night.

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