Zoe Colletti as Lucy in Only Murders In The Building

A Boo, Bitch Star Just Became The Most Interesting Character On Only Murders

I need to know everything about Lucy.

by Ani Bundel
Craig Blankenhorn/Hulu

Only Murders In The Building isn’t just about solving cases via podcast. It’s about three lonely people finding each other and creating a community. In Season 1, viewers met Oliver’s son and learned about Charles’ sort-of adopted daughter, Lucy. Now, in Only Murders In The Building Season 2, Lucy finally showed up, and her arrival brought significant reveals.

Warning: Spoilers for Only Murders In The Building Season 2, Episode 4 follow. Episode 4, “Here’s Looking At You…” was all about family. Oliver showed up for his son Will; Teddy and Theo had it out after last season’s ending; Nina went into labor. But the most significant family member to turn up this week was Lucy, played by Boo, Bitch’s Zoe Colletti. With her mother having remarried after leaving Charles all those years ago, she’s taking Charles’ proffered text communication to mean he’s a safe place to run to and, at least for one episode, joined the podcasting team in their murder investigation.

Viewers will probably recognize the 20-year-old Colletti. She’s been a working actor since 2006 and has appeared in multiple films and series. Audiences might remember her from 2014’s Annie, the recent adaptation of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, and shows like City on a Hill, Fear the Walking Dead, and, most recently, Boo, Bitch.

On Only Murders, she holds her own against veterans like Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez throughout the episode. Though she’s the “Gen Z” character, babbling on about TikTok and using text slang Charles doesn’t understand, she’s also a key witness the podcast doesn’t know exists.

Craig Blankenhorn/Hulu

Episode 4 began with Lucy recording herself in what looked like a cupboard. By the end of the episode, fans discovered she’s actually in the Arconia — in the Arcatacombs, as Oliver names them. Audiences saw part of this secret network of tunnels in the two-episode premiere, leading from Bunny’s closet to a private elevator. But it turns out, internal tunnels run through the ancient building, including one that leads into Charles’ bathroom.

Apparently, Lucy found these secret passageways as a child and still considered them her safe spot. Despite Charles thinking Lucy’s visit was the first time she’d come to see him since they were separated, the final minutes of the episode revealed otherwise. The night of Bunny’s murder was also the night Lucy’s mom remarried, and she ran off to see Charles. But he didn’t know Lucy was there, and he blew off her request to hang out. With nowhere to go, she hid in the Arcatacombs to record her feelings on the matter and while there, she heard Bunny’s scream. She also saw the perpetrator escape through the secret passages, but didn’t get a glimpse of who it was.

Although Charles sent Lucy, back to Connecticut and her mom, Lucy’s time with the podcasters doesn’t seem to be over. It’s likely only a matter of time before she reappears with more intel.

Only Murders In The Building Season 2 continues with new episodes every Tuesday, streaming on Hulu.