Vanessa Villela joins the cast of Netflix's Selling Sunset Season 4

Everything To Know About New Realtor Vanessa On Selling Sunset

She's not messing around.

by Ani Bundel

Netflix’s reality shows run the gamut from The Great British Baking Show to Too Hot To Handle, from wholesome crafts to dating disasters. But nothing has hit the way Selling Sunset has. The basic cable-style reality series seems like what happens when Real Housewives go HGTV, with a double dose of real estate gawking and interpersonal drama that’s proved irresistible. But with casting turnover on the horizon, fans are about to meet new agents. So, who is Vanessa Villela on Selling Sunset Season 4, and what can fans expect from her?

Vanessa Villela is one of two new faces in Selling Sunset’s roster for Season 4. The other new face, Emma Hernan, was already an employee of the company and has been for several years, so she comes with backstory and relationship drama ready-made among the cast.

However, Villela is a new face for the company, recently hired to join the company after transitioning away from her acting career. On the one hand, that means she arrives as a blank slate, with no known prior history with the cast. On the other hand, she brings a totally new energy to the group, and her attitude in the Season 4 trailer suggests the lack of interpersonal drama won’t last long.

Though she may be new to the show, Villela is a TV veteran. She’s spent years doing telenovelas in Mexico, including multiple hit series El Cuerpo del Deseo, El Señor de Los Cielos, and the Jennifer Lopez-inspired Una Maid en Manhattan. Like many of her fellow Selling Sunset realtors, branching out into real estate was just one of her several business ventures; she also has her own swim line, for example, which she models herself.

As someone who has spent her time on telenovelas, Villela likely knows her drama, and her first appearance in the trailer suggests that fans will have a fun time watching her. She might not come and out say she’s ~not here to make friends~, but she doesn’t have to. Her attitude promises that anyone who gets in her way will regret it quickly.

Selling Sunset Season 4 will premiere on Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2021. Netflix has already confirmed Season 5, expected out in 2022.