'Euphoria' fans want to know who Nelson is after he was mentioned in Season 2.

Euphoria Fans Are Spiraling Over This Tiny Fez Moment

Who the heck is Nelson?


There’s a new mystery in the Euphoria universe, and it all revolves around a single line many fans may have totally missed. Toward the end of Season 2, Episode 4, Fez’s pal Custer paid him a visit to give him a grave warning about someone named Nelson. Although the name is totally unfamiliar for viewers, it clearly struck fear in Fez, who quickly became upset. So, just who is this Nelson? He’s actually someone Euphoria fans have already met.

The line that had everyone scratching their heads was Custer telling Fez: “Nelson’s baby mama showed up last night asking all types of stupid-*ss questions.” At least, that’s what HBO Max’s subtitles read. But watch the scene again without subtitles on and you’ll hear something different. It actually sounds more like Custer is saying “Mouse’s baby mama” than “Nelson’s baby mama.” It’s not super clear because Custer does mumble a bit, but in this instance, it seems like HBO Max’s subtitles were just off, and Nelson isn’t a character at all. Who Fez is actually worried about is Mouse, the druglord he used to deal for in Season 1 before Ashtray murdered him with a hammer.


So... yep, it sounds like Fez and Ash have yet another thing to worry about this season. Not only have they had to go up against Nate snitching on them and his vengeful father Cal trying to intimidate them, but now they’ll be dealing with the fallout of Ash’s most pivotal moment from last season.

In case you need a reminder, Fez was under Mouse’s thumb for quite a while, and things got pretty scary for him as he continued to deal for the kingpin. After a police raid on his supply, Mouse threatened Fez more than ever before, but Fez’s ever-loyal younger brother Ashtray unleashed hell on Mouse and his whole gang with nothing more than a hammer. Since then, Mouse’s murder hasn’t really come up much on the show, but that’s clearly about to change. There’s no indication yet of who Mouse’s baby mama is, but it’s a no-brainer what she’s after: revenge.

Fans will see how Fez and Ash can get out of this new situation as Euphoria Season 2 continues to air new episodes Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Max.