Hannah Waddingham in 'Ted Lasso' Season 2 on her date with John Wingsnight

So Uh, Rebecca Has A New BF In Ted Lasso Season 2

Get to know John Wingsnight.

by Ani Bundel

Ted Lasso’s first season featured Hannah Waddingham as the (presumably) evil owner of the Richmond Football Club. The series premise begins when she hires Ted as the head coach, assuming him to be an incompetent fool who will run the team into the ground, thus giving her the revenge on her ex-husband she so desires. But by the end of the season, fans discovered a new side of Rebecca, one who wanted to see Ted and her team succeed. But fans are probably going to be a little torn about her latest life choice, her new boyfriend John. So, who is John Wingsnight in Ted Lasso? Rebecca is dipping her toe back into the dating pool.

Warning: Spoilers for Ted Lasso Season 2, Episode 1 follow. Season 1 never made a move to put Ted and Rebecca together romantically. However, the potential for them to fall in love has sat silently on the sidelines, waiting to be put in on the field. By the end of the first season, the two had become friends, leaving open the possibility of them becoming endgame.

But perhaps not. Season 2 opens with Rebecca in a tizzy over text messages, with Keeley excitedly joining in. To Ted’s surprise, the conversation suddenly goes directly to “girl talk,” in which a new suitor for Rebecca’s heart is brought up.

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As Rebecca later told him, her new suitor is John Wingsnight. On paper, he’s everything she’s looking for in a man. He’s into football; he’s into business. He’s comfortably upper class. The two of them make what one would call “a handsome couple.” But from the beginning, fans could tell something was off. The problem with Wingsnight was he was just a little too like Rebecca’s ex, Rupert Mannion. Not in the jerk sense, but in the semi-toxic sense, constantly talking about himself, his opinions, him, him, him. Even when he and Rebecca double dated with Keeley and Roy, the conversation quickly turned to how much Kent has been instrumental for Wingsnight connecting with his father.

And perhaps, if Rebecca was looking to rerun the play of her first marriage with someone less likely to wander off with a younger model, Wingsnight would be a fine choice. But even as Keeley tried to be optimistic about what she’d seen, Roy refused: Wingsnight is merely fine. Doesn’t Rebecca deserve better than merely fine?

It took a few days before Rebecca finally realized Roy was right. She was staring off into space, barely hearing the stream of verbal blather Wingsnight was constantly prattling on with. By the end of the conversation, she’d realized this isn’t what she wants.

But fans get the sense this search for love and for someone she can trust to be vulnerable around has only just begun. And, as Keeley notes, Wingsnight is a perfectly acceptable match, should Rebecca decide to settle. But fans are cheering Rebecca to want more for herself. She deserves it.

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