'The Midnight Club' finale may have hinted the two ghosts at Brightcliffe are Stanley and Vera Freel...

The Midnight Club May Have Subtly Revealed The Identity Of Those Ghosts

Seriously, what was up with them?


There are a ton of mysteries to unravel in The Midnight Club, but strangely, one of the biggest questions didn’t really get a clear answer in the end. Throughout the new horror show, a pair of ghosts haunt the Brightcliffe Hospice, appearing as an elderly man and an elderly woman. Fans were expecting to discover the truth behind these phantasms, but many viewers were still left wondering who the Brightcliffe ghosts are after watching The Midnight Club’s finale. However, that final episode may have contained a clue about these spirits, and this theory sounds legit.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from The Midnight Club’s finale. In between all the cult research and health complications at Brightcliffe, Ilonka is also pestered by a terrifying old woman who appears to her in the night. It’s not until much later that she realizes Kevin has been seeing her too, although he more often encounters an old man in his hauntings. These two ghosts seem to possess Ilonka and Kevin, causing them to roam into Brightcliffe’s basement at night. Strangely, none of the other Midnight Club members saw the ghosts, leaving Ilonka and Kevin to worry they may be having a shared delusion. So... who are these spirits, and why are they doing this?


Unfortunately, the series didn’t really give a clear answer. The final episode didn’t really feature the elderly ghosts, but the last scene may have contained a big hint about who they are. As Dr. Stanton walked across her office, the camera lingered and zoomed in on a framed article from 1898 about Brightcliffe’s founder, Stanley Oscar Freelan, and his wife, Vera Freelan. The couple does seem to resemble the ghosts, although it’s not easy to tell from an old photo and quick flashes of decaying ghostly faces.

While that shot may reveal the ghosts’ identity, it still doesn’t answer a lot of the questions about these spirits. Like, why was the female ghost always moaning about how she’s “starving?” And what was their goal in possessing Ilonka and Kevin — to be together in flesh once again, perhaps? Since the show only very briefly mentioned Stanley before this moment, viewers really don’t know anything about this century-old couple. Maybe a potential Season 2 could center on their story to fully explain these lingering questions? Here’s hoping The Midnight Club will keep the doors to Brightcliffe open a bit longer.