Here's where to buy the 'Schitt's Creek' Monopoly board game.

This New Schitt's Creek Monopoly Board Is Packed With Fun References

It's time to buy your own Rosebud Motel.

by Daffany Chan

It’s time to spice up your game nights with a TV-inspired edition of Monopoly. Schitt’s Creek unveiled a new spin on the iconic Hasbro board game that features your favorite characters and plenty of fun references. If you’re ready to take an adventure with the Rose family, here’s where to buy the Schitt’s Creek Monopoly board game.

Schitt’s Creek gifts have been all the rage this year, and now, you can even add a branded Monopoly game to your collection. The show announced the new product in an Instagram photo series on Thursday, Oct. 7, along with the caption, “Introducing, Monopoly: Schitt’s Creek Edition.” The series starts off with a pic of the show’s matriarch, Moira Rose, saying the phrase, "They would have a virtual monopoly on this town." Other photos include looks at the colorful themed Monopoloy board and six game pieces: Bébé Crow, Patrick’s Guitar, Rosebud Motel Key, David’s Sunglasses, Ted the Turtle, and Moira’s Wig. There’s also a look at the Rosebud Motel property on the board and playing cards such as the Schitt Family House and Roland’s Truck.

If you’re a Schitt’s Creek fan, you’ll certainly have a fun time exploring the small town where you’ll “buy, sell, and trade popular locations from the show,” such as The Rosebud Motel, Bob’s Garage, Herb Ertlinger Winery, and more, per the product description on distributor OP Games’ website. There are also Chance Cards that have been renamed Hello You and Community Chest cards called Love That Journey For Me that you’ll want to collect. Of course, you’ll also stumble upon rent and tax at some point with cards such as Roland’s Truck and “That’s Not a Write Off!”

OP Games

You can purchase the board game online for $39.99, and there’s free delivery. Like the OG Monopoly, the Schitt’s Creek edition is ideal for two to six players, and it’ll last you over an hour of playing time. After you’ve received the board, you’ll be ready take on your BFFs as you explore the quaint down during your next game night.