You Won't Believe What JWoww From The 'Jersey Shore' Looks Like Now

If you were a "Jersey Shore" fan (like pretty much everyone in 2009), then you were likely also a mega-fan of JWoww. Well, a lot has changed since the "Shore" days, and we're not just talking about Snookie acting like a legitimate adult these days.

Among other cosmetic changes, it looks like JWoww has ditched the gym in favor of waist trainers, dropped the tan and picked up some new, more refined laundry. And I've got to say, whatever she's doing is working BIG TIME.

Here's a before GIF to give you a frame of reference:


And here's a look at her now... Drum roll, please...

Daaaaaamn, JWoww!

Those eyebrows are ON FLEEK.

She's seriously putting the "wow" in JWoww.

Am I right or am I right?

Sticking it to the haters like a true champion.

Obviously, I think JWoww looks gorgeous no matter what she does. The "Jersey Shore" queen could be wearing a literal garbage bag and still look fly all day long. If only we could all be so lucky.

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