Talk Of The Ton
Kate and Edwina Sharma refer to one another as "Bon" and "Didi" throughout 'Bridgerton' Season 2.

The Sharma Sisters' Nicknames In Bridgerton Make So Much Sense

I mean, duh.


You might tune into Bridgerton for the steamy romances or jaw-dropping looks, but one of the things that really makes the drama a royal treat is the flowery language. The Regency-era series is filled with words and phrases you might be unfamiliar with, and some of the most frequent in Season 2 are Kate and Edwina Sharma’s nicknames for one another. If you were wondering what “bon” and “didi” mean while you were marathoning Bridgerton Season 2, you weren’t alone. But TBH, the pet names are much more straightforward than you probably imagined.

Kate and Edwina Sharma are the two most important new arrivals to the ton in Season 2. Although Edwina quickly takes to high society thanks to the tireless training of her older sister and the pot-stirring queen naming her the diamond of the season, Kate largely remains on the sidelines at first. While the courting season threatened to tear the sisters apart, their strong bond always brought them back together, and that bond was signified in the way they addressed one another.

Edwina called Kate “didi” whenever she spoke to her sister. This is simply the Hindi word for “sister,” but it also carries cultural weight as a sign of respect from a younger sister to an older sister. As for Kate, she often called Edwina “bon,” which is the Hindi word for “little sister.” Like didi, bon always underlies Kate’s respect and love for her sibling.


The loving pet names the Sharma sisters use for one another are just one of the many culturally significant elements of their ties to India. Their wardrobe also includes numerous subtle nods to the Sharmas’ homeland, including bold jewel-toned outfits, dresses inspired by the silhouette of saris, and jhumkas, which are traditional Indian earrings shaped like bells.

Perhaps most notable detail about Kate’s allegiance to India amid her time in England is her love of chai. Kate went so far as to tell Lady Danbury she detests British tea, but swallowed it down in order to help her sister fit in. However, she can’t resist bringing up how superior Indian chai is to British tea when the topic comes up in conversation.

While Kate and Anthony’s love story may have technically been at the center of Season 2, it was Kate and Edwina’s sisterly bond that was the truly heartwarming relationship.