The 'Westworld' Showrunner Just Dropped A Major Teaser For Season 2


We're still ways away from boarding the train back into Westworld, but now we're getting some juicy details on just what the first episode of the second season is going to be about.

Westworld showrunner Jonathan Nolan took some time out of crafting his next round of dizzying existentialism to reveal the title of the Season 2 premiere in the most troll-y way possible.

Jonathan jumped onto a Reddit thread asking Westworld fans to stop posting random photos of mazes (a central image in the series), and defiantly posted his own maze pic, which also included the script for the first episode of Season 2.


Although the toy maze obscures half of the title, seeing "Journey Into N—" was more than enough for fans to piece together what the episode title almost definitely is: "Journey Into Night."

Viewers will recall "Journey into Night" was the name of the new narrative Dr. Ford was developing for the park. Unlike other narratives, which allow guests to interact with the robotic hosts in predetermined storylines, Ford was creating this new story specifically for the hosts.

Before his death in the Season 1 finale, Ford explained the new narrative would challenge the hosts to make their own choices and grapple with humanity like never before.


Given Ford's narrative is (pretty much assuredly) the title of the first episode of Season 2, it sounds like the new season will be all about the hosts embarking on their own adventure and fighting for their free will like never before.

Of course, this feels like the natural direction for the show to take after that explosive Season 1 finale, which showed the hosts rising up against the guests and programmers.


Unfortunately, we'll probably have to wait a while before actually seeing the new season of Westworld, though. HBO's president of programming told Entertainment Weekly that Season 2 likely won't arrive until sometime in 2018.