Wells Is MIA On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ And Fans Are Panicking


Amidst all the dates, hook-ups, and toxic love triangles (ahem, Dean) on this season of Bachelor in Paradise, there has been one source of levity and humor that Bachelor Nation has come to depend on for the real entertainment each episode. But on Monday's new episode of Bachelor in Paradise, everyone's favorite joke-cracking bartender was nowhere to be found. Maybe that's why this episode felt so much less fun... Well, that and Blake showing up. Anyway, everyone's asking the same question: Where was Wells on Bachelor in Paradise this week? He may have been gone, but he still made his voice heard.

Wells actually wasn't completely absent from the new episode. He did pop up for a quick second to pour a shot before Ben's exit and to explain the "scallop fingers" story to Christen, but fans were left wanting more. In past episodes, Wells popped up more often to provide hilarious commentary on what's going on in paradise, but he was notably much less present this episode. As the episode continued on with no sign of Wells whatsoever, Bachelor Nation took to Twitter to voice just how upset they were to get barely any Wells time on this episode. Take a look at some of the best tweets.

Though Wells was only on Bachelor in Paradise this week to help explain the ridiculous "scallop fingers" story, he was thankfully more active on Twitter. The bartender was still present online, making commentary on some of the major moments in the new episode, including an interesting take on Robby and Amanda's date, which he revealed gave him a bit of déjà vu...

Yep – back on his season of Bachelor in Paradise, Wells went on a date at the same spot Robby and Amanda were smooching it up on their date this episode. If only Wells was around more to talk to Robby and Amanda about their shared experiences. Maybe next week.