Maddy wants revenge on Cassie and Nate in the 'Euphoria' Season 2, Episode 6 promo.

Maddy's Out For Revenge In The Euphoria Episode 6 Promo

Cassie and Nate should really watch out.


Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Euphoria Season 2, Episode 5. The fifth episode of Euphoria Season 2 was all about Rue, but there was one moment that totally blew things up for some of the other main characters. Cassie and Nate’s affair has been a secret all season long, but now that the truth has finally come out, they’ll both have to face the wrath of the person they’ve been dreading most: Maddy. Everyone knows Maddy loves to fight, but she’s taking her anger to a whole new level in the Euphoria Season 2, Episode 6 promo.

In an episode filled with some of the darkest, most dramatic moments ever for Rue, the one bit of fun came midway through, when Rue blurted out the secret every fans has been waiting to come to light all season long. To take the attention off of herself Rue shadily revealed to everyone in Cassie’s house that she saw Cassie and Nate hooking up after the New Year’s Eve party. Obviously, Maddy did not take the info about her best friend and ex-boyfriend well. True to form, the queen bee immediately went off on Cassie, although the clip for the next episode’s promo promises fans haven’t seen the true fallout just yet.

The Episode 6 teaser shows Maddy at her most devious. “I think I actually want to murder her,” she says ominously, clearly referring to Cassie. But it’s Nate who should really be scared. Maddy goes on to confirm she has “a few ideas” about how to get back at Nate, before the scene shifts to show the DVD she stole from Nate’s room in the Season 1 finale. Did you forget about that? The disc most likely contains footage of Nate’s dad hooking up with Jules, which is obviously a prime piece of blackmail. Maddy hasn’t mentioned anything about the video since she stole it, but now it looks like she’s ready to use it to take her ex down.

The rest of the teaser deals with the fallout of Rue’s epic meltdown, as she tries to make amends with her mom, her sister, and Jules after the truly terrible things she said to all of them after losing her pills. It looks like Episode 6 will be much less dramatic for Rue... but don’t worry, because Maddy is about to bring more than enough chaos.

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