Was Leo Actually Flipping Everyone Off On The Oscars Stage?

by Kate Ryan

After finally winning his well-deserved Oscar Sunday night, Leonardo DiCaprio gave the most perfect acceptance speech in which he thanked his parents and raised environmental awareness.

He may have been doing something else while standing onstage, however, which was, well, a little less gracious.

A picture surfaced of Leo holding his award and winner's card, and he seems to be flipping everyone off.

While I like to assume Leo accidentally gave us all a giant f*ck you, Reddit users did not pass up the chance to run with the photo in a hilarious Photoshop battle.

Thank god Steve Harvey wasn't hosting.


Welcome to the Oscars of my nightmares.


Do you believe the rumors now?!


Don't mind Leo; he's just riding that winner's high.


Check out all the times Leo was nominated for an Oscar in the form of latte art. 

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