Viola Davis responded to a recent 'How to Get Away with Murder' meme on TikTok.

Viola Davis Hilariously Called Out TikTokers Making Fun Of Her On HTGAWM

Annalise Keating sees all.


There’s truly no predicting what is going to go viral on TikTok, or when. Everything from 19th-century sea shanties to forgotten children’s show songs has blown up on the app in 2021, and the latest trend to take TikTok by storm revolves around a network drama that ended back in 2020, in which people attempt to recreate Annalise Keating’s signature walk. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed; recently, Viola Davis responded to TikTok’s How to Get Away with Murder meme with a fun little compilation.

The world was first introduced to the endlessly messy but genius law professor Annalise Keating back in 2014, when How to Get Away with Murder premiered. Throughout the legal drama’s six seasons, Davis’ character was involved in hugely dramatic moments that quickly became meme gold. But it wasn’t one of Keating’s wild quotes that caught TikTok’s attention recently, but rather the very particular way in which she walks.

For whatever reason, tons of TikTokers took notice of Keating’s very specific gait and have started recreating it in hilarious videos, and now it’s a full-on meme.

It didn’t take Davis long to realize she was going viral, even if it was over a year after How to Get Away with Murder ended. The actor tweeted out her reaction to the TikTok trend on Oct. 22, simply writing “I see y’all,” followed by a bunch of laughing emojis and a heart to show she was enjoying the joke.

Davis also posted a short compilation of some of her favorite Keating walk recreations, along with a clip from HTGAWM’s PaleyLive L.A. panel from 2019 that proves she knew fans were making fun of her character’s walk years before this TikTok trend. “I wanna be a real woman,” Davis said in the clip. “If I could be a real woman, if I don’t have to walk around in heels — because I know y’all talk about me walking in my heels... and that’s a little f*cked up of y’all, but I get it.”

All these TikTokers are lucky Viola Davis has such a great sense of humor, because something tells me Annalise Keating would not be so amused if she found out about the meme.