'The Backyardigans' 2005 song "Castaways" has recently become a surprise hit on TikTok.

This Backyardigans Song Is An Unexpected Hit And These TikToks Prove It

The Backyardigans did not have to go this hard.


If you’ve been anywhere on TikTok these past few weeks, you’ve probably heard the song “Castaways” all over your “for you” page. The track comes from the 2004 Nickelodeon children’s TV series The Backyardigans starring five anthropomorphic best friends who use their imagination to go on wild adventures. Anyone who used to watch the show growing up will tell you the song was always meant to go viral because it’s just that catchy. In fact, it’s so good that it debuted at No. 1 on Spotify’s Viral 50 chart on May 13, and two days later, it hit the top of Spotify's Global 50 chart as well. Not bad for a kids’ song from a decade and a half ago! In case you still don’t get the hype, check out these Backyardigans "Castaways" TikTok covers below.

“Castaways,” which originally released in 2005, resurfaced thanks to 19-year-old TikToker Merlysha Pierre, who’s been sharing her favorite childhood songs with others on the app. Pierre told BuzzFeed she was feeling sad when she decided to re-watch Backyardigans episodes to cheer her up. After reminding her followers about the “Castaways,” people flooded her comments section with messages thanking her for the nostalgia.

Since then, countless users have been inspired to use the track in their own videos. Some talented musicians have even remixed the song and made it their own. It’s easy to see why “Castaways” has resonated with others so much. It has simple lyrics that are easy to remember and a melody so catchy you’ll find yourself singing it over and over again. Not to mention, it’s a song that instantly brings fans of the show back to their childhood.

Since so many videos have come out of this trend, check out the 10 best Backyardigans “Castaways” TikTok covers below.

1. “Castaways” by @andyyu_

2. “Castaways” by @Patrick_Witkowski

3. “Castaways” by @singingrat & @kevnchung

4. “Castaways” by @kingsreturnmusic

5. “Castaways” by @tonyturtl3

6. “Castaways” by @mr.palmquist

7. “Castaways” by @ebonylorenmusic

8. “Castaways” by @muditmathur_

9. “Castaways” by @boonj

10. “Castaways” by @amanda.sze

Of course, there are plenty more amazing “Castaways” covers on TikTok, and there will surely be more to come, so head on over to the app for more!