This Video Proves DJ Khaled Is The Only Mentor You'll Ever Need In Life

DJ Khaled is one of the greatest thinkers of our time. Straight up.

If his Snapchat stories weren't enough to prove that, then his motivational speeches will surely turn you into a believer.

As someone who's reached the top of the mountain of success, he knows what it takes to be great. But the same qualities that got him where he is today are in all of us. He's here to remind us of that.

If you ain't inspired after watching this, then there's literally no hope for you. Go on and continue being average.

Perhaps the greatest thing Ive ever been a part of creating. @DJKhaled​'s Motivational Words of Wisdom. #YouTheBest — Kozza (@Kozza) December 1, 2015

"Another one!"