Victoria Monét and Kehlani

Victoria Monét Finally Confirmed She Dated Kehlani, 5 Years Later

And “Touch Me” is about the singer.

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Victoria Monét finally confirmed a long-rumored former relationship with Kehlani. On an Aug. 8 episode of Emily Ratajkowski’s High Low podcast, Monét explained that her song “Touch Me” is about her and Kehlani’s past romance. The song goes, “Touch me, feel me / Get to know me inside / If you love me, show me” — making it pretty clear that Monét and Kehlani’s relationship wasn’t exactly platonic. But that’s not all she said. Apparently, they’re still “friends” despite their romantic history.

“While pregnant, I did a ‘Touch Me’ remix with Kehlani, and the song is about her,” Monét told Ratajkowski. When Ratajkowski asked if she and Kehlani left things on good terms, Monét explained that they’re still friends, even if their remix came out back in 2020. She added, “I kind of am like that with all of my past relationships. I really don't like the idea of like, now someone's dead to me, unless they did [me wrong].… I just got over it.” According to Monet, she likes to have “an open connection” with her exes. “I feel like that takes even more energy to like, try to avoid people and trying to hate them.”

The Jaguar singer also explained how her current partner (and the father of her child), John Gaines, was “very supportive” and “open” when it came to reuniting with her ex. She explained, “[Kehlani and I] went in the studio. There was no jealousy [from Gaines].”

There has been speculation surrounding Monét and Kehlani for years. In a 2020 interview with Gay Times, Monét hinted at a queer romance, though she didn’t name anyone. “I literally fell in love with a girl,” she explained the backstory of her coming out on Twitter in November 2018. “And I had a boyfriend at the time, and then we broke up. But this woman ended up getting pregnant because she had a boyfriend in a polyamorous relationship.” (Kehlani announced her pregnancy in October 2018, BTW).

That interview prompted more speculation into Monét and Kehlani’s connection, but it wasn’t until three years later that the “Moment” singer confirmed there was, in fact, something between them.