Victoria Beckham Shared An Epic Girl Power Video For Spice Girls Anniversary

by Taylor Ortega

Waaaaay back in 1996, the Spice Girls released the seminal girl power anthem, “Wannabe,” and the world was forever changed.

Zig-a-zig ah, amirite?


Now, 20 years later, the tune is being put to its best use ever as part of the Global Goals campaign.

A video shared on Facebook by Posh Spice herself – Victoria Beckham – features badass lady dancers and lip-syncers using “Wannabe” to lay out a list of necessary demands.

Ending child marriage and violence against girls, as well as providing quality education for all girls and equal pay for equal work are just some of the demands women are making as part of the #WhatIReallyReallyWant movement.

The video encourages each viewer to share a photo summing up what she really, really wants in the fight for social equality, along with the hashtag above.

Come September, the Global Goals campaign promises to gather the submissions and take them directly to the world leaders at the United Nations.

On its website, the campaign boldly states its mission to “ensure World Leaders and the Secretary General of the United Nations listen to the voices of girls and women, and put them first in policies and plans.”

Sure, none of us needed a good reason to celebrate 20 years of in-your-face lady dominance, but we're glad to have such an amazing one.