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This Is What Victoria Beckham Thinks Of Kim K's Posh Spice Costume (Photo)

This Thanksgiving, Kim Kardashian West made it clear she's always been thankful for one thing: getting the chance to dress up as Posh Spice for a high school talent show.

The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star Instagrammed a few throwback photos this Thanksgiving to show herself and some high school friends dressed up as the Spice Girls.

Wearing a little black dress, Kim channeled her best Posh Spice impression and absolutely killed it.

I'm also thankful for Posh Spice! #HighSchoolTalentShow

Additionally, Victoria Beckham (the one and only Posh Spice) actually regrammed one of the group photos Kim posted.

Beckham not only posted the group photo to her own Instagram, but she also called the costume "genius!" OK, Kim, I'm liking what you're doing here. Work those angles.

If Posh Spice approves, you know it was a job well done.

Perhaps the photos would have been more appropriate throwbacks around Halloween, but whatever, you still crushed it, Kim. I'm proud of you. Now, go have your baby.

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