VH1 Reality Star Testifies In Court That Reality Shows Are Scripted

Reality shows are not real.

I know, I know -- shocking.

Most of us have suspected it all along, but finally, our suspicions have been confirmed -- under oath, no less.

In a filmed deposition, “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez admitted the VH1 show is scripted.

Hernandez is currently under investigation after former co-star Althea Eaton alleged that a cracked-out Hernandez assaulted her at the show's reunion.

During questioning, Eaton's lawyer asked if the show was pre-programmed or if the alleged incident was spontaneous.

Hernandez said,

It's called 'reality TV,' but it's a lot of acting.

So, there you have it. Justin Bobby was just a character, “The Real Housewives” should be called “The Real House-lies” and the Kardashians are probably even dumber than they're portrayed on their eponymous show.

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