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Zoey Deutch in 'Vampire Academy'
13 Vampire Movies To Watch On Netflix This Halloween

These movies don't ~suck~.

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The temperatures are dropping and the smell of pumpkin spice is in the air, which can only mean one thing: Spooky season is upon us. That means it’s time to embrace the chilly weather, throw on a sweater or two, and watch some scary movies. Netflix has got you covered with a slew of vampire movies that are perfect for Halloween.

There are all kinds of scary movies, from slasher flicks to alien invasion adventures. But the vampire movie has remained a classic for decades for a reason. Ever since Nosferatu graced some of the first movie screens a century ago, audiences have been obsessed with watching stories about the nocturnal bloodsuckers. But while that original vampire movie was heavy on the scary vibes, today’s vampire movies have branched out beyond the traditional Dracula-inspired story formula, with some of the picks on this list leaning way more into humor than horror.

Whether you’re looking to get scared or have some laughs, these vampire movies on Netflix will put you in the right spooky season mood. So grab a cozy blanket and an even cozier drink, dim the lights, and settle in for a blood-curdling (or belly laugh-inducing) marathon of the best vampire movies on Netflix.


Vampire Academy

Before there was a new Vampire Academy TV series on Peacock, there was the 2014 movie version starring Zoey Deutch and Claire Foy. It may not have been a hit when it came out, but the movie is full of campy vampire fun.


Family Blood

This horror movie fully leans into the scary side of vampires, telling the story of a single mom... one who has a thirst for blood.


John Carpenter’s Vampires

John Carpenter created the Halloween movie franchise, so you know you’re in for a good scary movie when his name is attached. This movie about a team of vampire hunters does not disappoint.


Vampires vs. The Bronx

This movie fully leans into the comedy that follows a group of teenagers who need to protect their neighborhood when a group of vampires invades.


Dark Shadows

Based on the soap opera of the same name from the 1960s, this Tim Burton horror-comedy is about a vampire who returns home to help take care of his dysfunctional family.


Let Me In

Let Me In is actually an American remake of a 2008 Swedish film called Let The Right One In. Set in the 1980s, it tells the story of a bullied kid who befriends a child vampire.



A vampire romance fangirl winds up crossing paths with an actual vampire in this Spanish-language comedy.


Night Teeth

Debby Ryan stars as a vampire alongside Lucy Fry in this thriller about creatures of the night being literal creatures of the night as they party around Los Angeles.


He Never Died

Vampires tend to be social outcasts, and this movie doubles down on that idea with a vampiric main character who needs to change his reclusive ways thanks to a bunch of thugs and his estranged daughter.


The End

The End is a Kuwaiti film about an English vampire who helps a bunch of thieves pull off some heists as the police trail them.


Day Shift

Jamie Foxx stars as a hardworking dad who tells everyone he works as a pool cleaner when his real job is hunting and killing vampires. You know, just your usual family secret.


Dracula Untold

Luke Evans stars in this fantasy movie that creates a whole new origin story for Dracula.



Morbius was a flop when it came out in early 2022, but the Jared Leto vampire flick is available to stream at home for those diehard fans.

All these vampire movies and more are streaming on Netflix.