Tyler, the Creator's "Manifesto" is an apology to Selena Gomez in light of his  past tweets about th...

Tyler, The Creator Apologized To Selena Gomez In A Revealing New Song

Tyler tweeted some terrible things about Selena back in the day.

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Tyler, the Creator, is making amends for his past comments about Selena Gomez. The rapper just released his latest album, Call Me If You Get Lost, on Friday, June 25, and there’s one song that deals with some pretty terrible tweets he posted about Gomez years ago. Here’s how Tyler, the Creator’s “Manifesto” is an apology to Selena Gomez and why it’s important he finally addressed the issue.

The rapper made comments about Gomez that were pretty disrespectful when he was younger, and even though it’s been years since they were posted, there are still screenshots of them out there. Tyler, who is 30 now, had previously deleted the tweets from his page, but a lot of the screenshots are still floating around the internet. The messages included pretty lascivious jokes that amounted to sexual harassment. His tweets included cringe-worthy messages that referenced him committing sexual acts with her, with one of the worst being an immediate call out that she’d just turned 18. According to Genius, one of those tweets got him temporarily suspended on Twitter.

In his new song “Manifesto,” which features Domo Genesis, Tyler calls himself out for his past behavior toward Gomez. The portion of the song that references the tweets begins, “I was canceled before canceled was with Twitter fingers / Protestin’ outside my shows, I gave them the middle finger.” He continues, rapping, “I was a teener, tweetin’ Selena crazy sh*t / Didn’t wanna offend her, apologize when I seen her / Back when I was tryna f*ck Bieber.”

Tyler’s tweets were around the same time Gomez was booed up with Justin Bieber. The rapper reportedly hung out with Bieber and claimed Gomez was “mean muggin’” him when he talked about their relationship in a 2013 interview on Power 106. He also said of Gomez, “We don’t really get along. She don’t like me.” Tyler continued, explaining, “We don’t like each other ‘cause [I’m] kicking it with Justin [Bieber], like that’s my homeboy. She always be mean muggin’ me. Like why are you hating on me? We’re just hanging out, we’re trying to play Xbox.”

Gomez never publicly commented on the tweets and hasn’t said anything since Tyler, the Creator’s release of “Manifesto.”

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Meanwhile, Tyler’s lyrics about Gomez and Bieber suggest that Tyler’s apology has to do with his admission that he was potentially attracted to Bieber. He’s openly exhibited lyrics that suggest he may identify as queer but so far hasn’t publicly come out. Some people think he may be queerbaiting, but it’s still pretty unclear where he stands. There was also a rumor that he and Jaden Smith were dating back in 2020, but Tyler never commented on them.

Tyler, the Creator’s new album Call Me If You Get Lost is available to stream now.