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Twitter Is Coming Up With The Best Names For Kim And Kanye's New Baby

Kim and Kanye just had another baby, which means there's about to be another toddler in this world who's way richer than you.

The couple has not officially announced the first name of their newborn son, but I'm sure it's definitely something unique.

With the success of their first kid, North, it's going to be hard to follow up with an equally epic name, but Twitter seems to have a clue.

There's a lot of speculation the baby's name will be Easton.

Guys, #EastonWest is an adorable name though... — Kristen Alderson (@krisalderson) December 6, 2015

But not everybody seems to think that's a good idea.

Easton West .... These people need their kids taken away and then they need to be sent away...Far Far Away — Sean Driscoll (@S_Driscoll17) December 7, 2015

Scratch that, yes it is!

Kim k will never get lost now #EastonWest#why — Clarissa (@clarissssaaaa) December 6, 2015

Do you see what they did there?

North West & Easton West. oh my god. — mesh (@bollygladiator) December 5, 2015

Don't worry, there are still other options, too.

I feel like if Kim and Kanye really love Will Smith as much as I do then they would name their new baby Wild Wild — JamesVincentMcMorrow (@jamesvmcmorrow) December 6, 2015

Some are better than others...

Everyone on Twitter like Kim and Kanye should name their kid "The Sun Rises In The East But Sets in the" — Nelson Lin (@NelsonLinsanity) December 5, 2015

...and this wouldn't surprise any of us at all.

If Kim and Kanye name their next kid North West again, we can comfortably refer to the two as One Direction. — Cameron Dallas (@thenikhilkapur) December 6, 2015

I think we can all agree this direction sh*t is getting out of hand, though.

"I bet Kim and Kanye will name their baby South Wes--" — TrivWorks (@TrivWorks) December 5, 2015

Realistically, Simba would be the toughest name out of them all.

At the hospital with Kim and Kanye - — Brian Rappaport (@BRappy55) December 5, 2015

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