Twitter Is Here For ‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay Shutting Down DeMario


I want Rachel Lindsay to handle all confrontations for me from now on.

Monday night's episode of The Bachelorette was DRAMATIC. Not in the way that all episodes are dramatic. Like, it was really really really dramatic. And Rachel emerged as a true queen.

Here's what happened: During a big group date that involved Kareem Abdul-Jabbar coaching the guys on the basketball court, a woman named Lexie showed up and claimed to be DeMario's girlfriend.

We all saw this coming because, well, ABC has been teasing it all week. Also, on last week's episode, Bachelor contestant Whitney was there to give her friend Rachel some advice, and she revealed she had heard DeMario was not there for the right reasons.

Anyway, back to this week.

Coming up to Rachel in the gym after the game, Lexie told Rachel,

I saw that, um, the first couple of guys were brought on to meet you… and I saw one guy, up until hours before that he'd been my boyfriend of seven months.

Spoiler alert: Rachel got (rightfully) pissed.

Grabbing him out of the locker room, Rachel confronted DeMario in front of Lexie and absolutely destroyed him.

She handled the whole thing with the perfect amount of tact, took time to listen to both sides, and then calmly told him,

I'm really going to need you to get the f*ck out.


Twitter gives Rachel 10/10 for handling herself, and Twitter is correct.

Everyone's a REALLY big fan of her final words to him. Can we make t-shirts please?



People are less thrilled, however, that Rachel decided to talk to him when he returned at the end of the episode.

I'm pretty sure Rachel can handle herself, though, guys. If anything, I'm surprised DeMario had the guts to face her again.

We'll have to tune in next week to see what goes down, but I think we can say with some confidence DeMario will not be winning this competition. Sorry to everyone whose bracket got destroyed tonight.