Twisty The Clown Is Back On 'AHS: Cult' & We Have Questions


It's a big month for terrifying clowns. Not only is the It reboot hitting theaters and your nightmares, but the new season of American Horror Story is also delivering all the creepy, killer clowns that you never wanted, and that includes one familiar face that you were probably not hoping to see again. The premiere episode of American Horror Story: Cult brought back a memorable character from AHS past, and somehow, they managed to make him even more terrifying than ever. Spoiler alert: This post will discuss details from the first episode of American Horror Story: Cult. In a nod to fans of American Horror Story's fourth season Freak Show, the new season premiere included a scene starring Twisty the Clown, and he appears to be more powerful than he was back in Season 4. After continuing to murder a pair of picnickers after several shots to the chest, fans are wondering: Can Twisty the Clown die?

Ryan Murphy had already revealed Twisty would return in some fashion before the new season aired, but his appearance so early in AHS: Cult was a shock to many fans. In his scene, Twisty brutally murders two picnickers out on a date, and a round of gunshots to his chest doesn't seem to even slow him down. The scene is later revealed to be taken from a comic book that Oz, Ally (Sarah Paulson) and Ivy's (Alison Pill) young son is reading in his bed, but even though Twisty's only appearance has been in a book, with all the evil clown stuff going on this season, fans still think Twisty can come back in a more tangible sense later on. And this perceived immortality could definitely be... problematic.

We already got to see some of the murderous clowns who were no doubt inspired by Twisty's (apparently widely published) story in the premiere, as they terrorize Sarah Paulson's Ally in the supermarket. But it's still unclear whether these clown are real or part of Ally's phobia-fueled imagination. Next week should provide some real answers to what these clowns are up to, and whether Twisty is still up and kicking or just a character in a story.