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12 Mina Quotes For IG Captions That’ll Inspire All Your Followers

She has such a way with words.

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TWICE has definitely lived up to their promise of touching fans’ hearts once with their eyes and once with their ears. Ever since they debuted in October 2015, the girls have been blowing everyone away with both their music and visuals. They’re actually nicknamed The Nation’s Girl Group because of their ability to win fans over with just a single performance or music video. What makes the group so amazing is that each member has her own strengths. Mina’s specialties are singing, dancing, and songwriting. She helped pen TWICE’s 2018 track “Shot Thru the Heart,” which was featured on their Summer Nights EP. Since the star has a way with words, ONCE should use these TWICE's Mina's quotes for Instagram captions.

The group is always doing interviews and live streams that offer so many quotable moments. As someone who appeared on the reality competition show Sixteen in order to land a spot in TWICE, Mina always knows what to say to inspire fans to keep going and achieve their dreams. Just like the rest of the group, she didn’t have it easy getting to the top. Mina had to prove herself not only to the judges on the series but to viewers watching at home. Despite all the pressure she probably felt to wow the crowd, Mina pushed through to the end and ended up becoming part of one of the biggest K-pop groups.

The Chosunilbo JNS/ImaZinS/Getty Images

If Mina has inspired you in any way, these 12 of Mina’s quotes for Instagram captions are perfect for you.

  1. I thought I should try my best till the end.”
  2. “There were constant thoughts of What if I fail? If I could go back and tell myself something then, I would say that there’s no need to worry.” Buzzfeed, December 2019
  3. “Keep working hard, do the best that you can, and everything will fall into place."Buzzfeed, December 2019
  4. “We are all human and experiencing the same things.”Billboard, December 2019
  5. “ONCE, TWICE, forever!” TWICE: Seize the Light, April 2020
  6. “You don’t know when the opportunity will come to you, but it is important to prepare yourself and go for it.” — Interview, June 2020
  7. “Always be healthy and happy.” — SportsSeoul, February 2021
  8. “Instead of copying others, if you really spend time with yourself and find your true self, you’ll be able to shine brighter than any other people.” Tumblr, June 2021
  9. “Have strength, baby don’t give up.” — TWICE’s “Don’t Give Up”
  10. “Don’t doubt yourself/ Don’t hesitate anymore.” — TWICE’s “Don’t Give Up”
  11. “Even if we’re apart, our hearts will always be connected.” — TWICE’s “Brand New Girl”
  12. “Because you were here right next to me/ I could walk without hesitation.” — TWICE’s “Be As One”

Mina has some of the best quotes and lyrics, so ONCE, have fun choosing your next IG captions!

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