Kamari Bonds on Netflix's 'Twentysomethings'

Say Hello To The Resident Model Of Twentysomethings

Hiiiii, Kamari.


There might as well be an unofficial rule in television that every reality show needs at least one model as part of the cast. At least, it seems to work out that way with every new show I encounter. Case in point: Kamari Bonds, a model and cast member on Twentysomethings, Netflix’s new reality show in which young adults navigate life’s ups and downs while living together in Austin, Texas. Each cast member has their own reasons for being in the city; Kamari in particular said he’s there to jumpstart his career as a model. But, there’s more to Kamari than just his modeling career — and his model-level good looks, of course.

Kamari is 23 years old and from Greensboro, North Carolina. As I mentioned, he’s a model, but he also makes a point of fighting against stereotypes about people in his profession, like the one that says models are not educated. Kamari moved to Austin after graduating from college with a bachelor’s degree, something he very proudly shares in the first episode of Twentysomethings. There are a few other facts that he doesn’t share on the show, though, so here’s the info you need to know about him.

Kamari Bonds’ Instagram

Kamari’s Instagram is filled with pics of him doing what he does best: modeling. He doesn’t have a ton on his page, but he does include some behind-the-scenes glimpses of him modeling, as well as some photos of his travels to places like Hawaii.

Kamari Bonds’ Real Job

Kamari is represented by a company called Marilyn’s Agency for his modeling work, and he also calls himself a “creative entrepreneur” in his Instagram bio. According to his LinkedIn profile, he has “a passion for fashion” and is “channeling a burning desire of fashion into projects including but not limited to: designing clothes, styling, and developing a concept.” He doesn’t have any other jobs besides marketing listed on his profile, but when he was a student at East Carolina University, he worked as a project manager on campus.

Kamari Bonds Facts

Before he went to college, Kamari played varsity football at North Guilford High School. He also worked as a server at a country club in North Carolina. Kamari has a ton of varied experiences, but his most interesting one is probably living in front of a camera for Twentysomethings.

Twentysomethings: Austin is releasing new episodes on Netflix.