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13 Tweets To Remind Kanye There Is Nothing Wrong With Butt Stuff

Kanye West probably likes fingers in the butt.

No! No! Kanye! Shhhhh, stop resisting. It's OK. A finger in the butt is nothing to be ashamed about. Millions of people don't mind a good butt-stickin', and you're part of that group. In fact, I would argue you liking a finger in the butt is the most human thing about you. It's like finding out Kofi Annan likes The Strokes or Abraham Lincoln couldn't talk to cute girls without sweating profusely.

Yes, I know, this information all came out at a weird time, and it came from your ex. That can't be easy. But regardless of what Amber Rose says, #FingersInTheBooty doesn't make you an #AssBitch.

The Internet agrees! The year 2016 is when we all stop hating, lay down our guns, cast aside our differences and make like Creedence Clearwater Revival and head "Up Around The Bend."

1. We're all doing it.

2. "Woke-ass men know."

3. Chill out, Ye.

4. Men run the government, but they can't admit to liking some down-south action?

5. Don't feel ashamed of your bum stuff.

6. In a way, Amber is the George Washington of the finger-in-butt revolution.

7. Every man should give it a shot!

8. Ye is just being a TYPICAL man.

9. Matt McGorry proves once again we aren't worthy of living in the same era as Matt McGorry.

10. "That was easy!" -- Staples slogan that can be used for man-butt stuff.

11. #TwitterFingers

12. Fingers in the butt are the Animal Collective of adulting.

13. Let's not forget, Kanye also did "We Major."