18 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up The Disappointing 'Pretty Little Liars' Finale

by Anna Menta
Freeform/Eric McCandless

Warning: Obviously, this post contains Pretty Little Liars finale spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

So, Pretty Little Liars is officially over.

(Well, minus that obvious set up for some sort of Pretty Little Liars spinoff, it's officially over.)

After seven years of lies, coded text messages, and a whole lot of drama, it's finally over.

And after the two-hour season finale on Tuesday night, we finally know the identities of A, Uber A, and A.D.

(In case you missed it, it turns out A.D. is apparently Spencer's twin! Her British twin! No, this is not a joke!)

Freeform/Eric McCandless

Now that it's over, and we finally have all the answers, how are we feeling, Pretty Little Liars fans?

Hm? What's that? You feel terrible? You hated it? You've never been more disappointed in a season finale in your life? You regret wasting seven years on the show?

Yeah, pretty much same!

Look, I'm not being mean here. A quick look at Twitter tells me the majority reaction to this finale and the A.D. reveal is.... it sucked. Big time.

Let's go to the tweets:

1. What the frick was the finale?

2. Like... what was that?

3. We are confused. We are disturbed.

4. That twin thing was literally the last thing fans wanted to happen.

5. Did Marlene really just pull the evil twin with a British accent move? Really?

6. I mean... really?

7. And that accent was just... not great. Really not great.

8. Really, really not great.

9. Did we seriously spend seven years waiting for... this?

10. Nah. There was way too much build up for this to be the payoff.

11. Also, how dare the writers ruin Spoby this way? HOW DARE THEY!

12. And can we talk about the fact Spencer is more oblivious than a horse?

13. Like... what?

14. Not to mention the fact there are STILL unanswered questions to deal with.

15. Excuse me, I thought we were promised ALL the answers!

16. Did I mention how bad the accents were?

17. Honestly, as far as finales go, keep it. I'll just stick with the fan theories, thanks.

18. Bye.