'PLL' Is Obviously Setting Us Up For A Spinoff, So Get Ready To Go Back To Rosewood High

Eric McCandless/Freeform

Pretty Little Liars first started dangling a spin-off in our faces with the introduction of Addison, the student in Alison DiLaurentis' class who Alison admits is way worse than she ever was. That's nice-speak for: She's horrible.

The Addison-Allison rhyme scheme was too easy and totally our hint. Now we've got more proof.

The Finale Is Already Laying The Groundwork For The Future Spinoff Storyline.

First you've got Addison, whose name rhymes with Alison (and has the initials A.D.) and who is the new "mean girl" at Rosewood High. If that moment isn't full-circle enough, we've just discovered that Maya (Emily's ex-girlfriend who was killed in Season 2) has a whole niece, named Hadley, who attends Rosewood High now.

At Aria's rehearsal dinner, Emily sees Hadley with another student from the high school and warns them both to be careful about who they choose as friends.

She's politely warning them to stay the heck away from Addison because she's trouble. Emily should know, since she's seen firsthand what happens when you don't choose your friends wisely.

It should also be noted that Emily and Alison now work at Rosewood High and have tried to put their troubled past behind them. Still, Rosewood is a small town and word gets around, so Addison knows all about their dangerous drama. She has already taken the time to remind Alison about it.

To top it all off, the very last scene of the series finale was a perfect recreation of the pilot's opening, but with this new generation having a sleepover instead. The girls wake up to find Addison and Willa missing, before Willa returns and says she can't find the queen bee. Sound familiar?

Is this next generation PLL possibility giving you Degrassi vibes? Absolutely.

Twitter Is Also Raising Its Suspicions About A New Show

We've Already Gotten One Spin-Off From PLL

Remember the short-lived Ravenswood spinoff show from 2013 that followed Caleb's adventures when he took a break from Hanna and all of Rosewood to go and help out a friend and hopefully find out more about his past?

The show ended in 2014 and Caleb, of course, returned to Hanna and the rest of the Liars gang in Rosewood.

And Pretty Little Liars Showrunner, Marlene King, Has Given Us Hope

Not only has Marlene King said that a reunion (think Gilmore Girls and Fuller House) is possible for the future, but she has also hinted that fans might still be able to keep up with the happenings in Rosewood.

According to Bustle, she said during an interview,

Although we may be saying goodbye to our current group of PLLs … the town of Rosewood is its own character.

And what better way to keep this show on the road than to bring in new characters while we still get to see our old favorites dibble and dabble in the show every once in awhile?

So you know what this means? More stress and more clutching of our hearts as we go on another wild ride in the Pennysylvania town of secrets.

And more "A" hate — even if the only "A" we're hate-watching is this new chick, Addison.