8 TV Dads We’ll Never Stop Crushing On, No Matter Where We're At In Life

by Alexa Mellardo
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There are some dads on our favorite TV shows we just couldn't help but fall in love with.

You know the ones I'm talking about — some had nerdy quirks we simply couldn't get enough of. They were all about that #DadJoke life, because, how can you even be a father without letting the dad jokes fly?

The rest of our favorites were so damn cool, calm and collective, we admired them… and their flawless hair. Uncle Jesse — I'm looking at YOU, dude.

Most of them crushed it as incredible parents, and they were total catches in the process.

Here are eight TV dads we'll never stop crushing on, because they're winning at life.

1. Rufus Humphrey from “Gossip Girl

Warner Bros.

Ah, Rufus.

Your flannel shirts, consistently on-point shaggy hair, trendy Brooklyn apartment, obsessive (yet totally relatable) love for waffles and your oh-so dad-ish advice to Jenny and Dan will always hold a special place in our young hearts.

2. Coach Taylor from “Friday Night Lights

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“Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.” Gotta love the OG COACH.

Eric Taylor was a boss both on and off the field. His deep passion for his family, football and his motivational-AF speeches kept all of the players going… and all of us, too.

Real talk: This chick ugly-cried for days on end when "Friday Night Lights" ended. Texas FOREVER.

3. Sam Bennett from "Private Practice"

ABC Domestic Television

Oh, Dr. Sam Bennett, you make that suit look so. Damn. FINE.

Sam lived in a dreamy beach house situated on the gorgeous sands of Malibu, and he co-founded Oceanside Wellness Group with his ex-wife, Naomi Bennett. He was a father who loved basketball and his medical career, and he consistently killed it in a gorgeous suit.

4. Uncle Jesse from "Full House"

Warner Bros.

Obviously, our main man Uncle Jesse had to make this list. Not only was he the raddest dad (and uncle) in town, but he made the ultimate husband to Becky.

We consistently swooned over this TV couple, because they had the big kind of love we all yearned to have IRL. They're the prime #FamilyGoals, and that will never change.

5. Jack Porter from “Revenge”

Disney–ABC Domestic Television

Jack Porter and Amanda Clarke (or shall I say, her alter-identity, Emily Thorne) have an extremely complicated (and stressful) relationship. They go through far too many challenges, but nothing can keep them apart in the end when they tie the knot.

Since the debut of “Revenge,” we developed a soft spot for Jack. When he became a father and showed his everlasting love for his sweet baby boy, we crushed on him even harder.

6. Christopher Hayden from “Gilmore Girls

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The moment we watched Rory Gilmore's dad roll up to Stars Hollow on his motorcycle, we were HOOKED beyond belief. He had so much swag and utter confidence in his leather jacket, we simply couldn't deal.

7. Harry Wilson from “90210”

CBS Television Distribution

Oh, how we wished Harry Wilson was the principal in all of our high schools. Instead, he ruled the hallways of West Beverly.

Harry never failed to come in clutch with great advice for his kids, Annie And Dixon, as they conquered high school drama, love and friendship.

8. Don Draper from "Mad Men"


We all know Don Draper probably wouldn't win parent or husband of the year, but this main man of the hour will always make us weak in the knees... no matter how much we try to fight it.