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There May Be A 'Top Gun 2' In The Works, And We Couldn't Be More Excited


“I feel the need! The need to continue profiting off of old movie ideas America holds dear in its heart, despite the fact the ideas might ruin the franchise altogether because we are heartless monsters who eat gold and poop Fanning sisters!” -- Hollywood.

OK, so there IS apparently a “Top Gun 2” (working title may be “2Top 2Gun” but probably not) in the works. YES, YES, I KNOW. I KNOW.

This is massive news. Maverick, Iceman and maybe even the ghost of Goose are hitting the big screen again. If -- and this is a BIG if -- everything goes right, this could be the best movie sequel of all time.

The news leaked on Val Kilmer's Facebook page late last night, and people are predictably losing their great balls of fire over this news, Val included.

OK, VAL. Let's at least pretend to act like you get offered movie roles every once in a while nowadays.

Val posted a second status reeking of, “What? Hey! What? I'm cool. I'm not totally flipping out about this project or whatever. What project? Haha! JK. I need this.”

Bruckheimer, Cruise and Kilmer? This movie will make $800 billion.


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