Seb Melrose from Netflix's 'Too Hot To Handle' Season 4

Seb Revealed He's Living With A Too Hot To Handle Co-Star After The Show



Even reality show contestants who are told they’re hot can feel insecure. At least that’s what Too Hot To Handle Season 4 star Seb Melrose confessed recently about his feelings when he began on the Netflix reality show. Seb was worried he was actually not too hot to handle when he first hit the beach, despite the series’ name.

“When I first walked on to the beach, the first guy I saw was James [Pendergrass], and I was like, ‘Oh my God,’” he told Newsweek. “Because I’m this wee Scottish kid that has never really thought… you might be shocked by this, but I never had any expectation of myself before I went on the show.”

Despite Seb’s worries, he seems to have hit it off with the rest of the Too Hot To Handle Season 4 cast. Not only did he pair up with Kayla Richart in the first few episodes of the season, but he also told Newsweek that he found his current roommate through the show. He now lives in London with fellow Season 4 cast member Creed McKinnon.

“We're all so close now," Melrose said. "We all needed each other on that retreat. We were like a big, dysfunctional family!"

Here’s everything to know about Seb, who’s found his place in the Too Hot To Handle family.

Too Hot To Handle’s Seb Melrose’s Real Job

In his professional life, Seb moves pretty fast... literally. He’s a racing driver and began his career in 2014. He wrote about his experience as a racing driver on LinkedIn, saying, “From a very young age, my passion for the sport of motor racing was influenced by my godfather, Dario Franchitti (four time Indycar Champion / three time Indy500 winner) and by my grandfather who nurtured my love of ‘all things racing’ with a behind the scenes experience with the engineers of motorsport at Aston Martin.”

Seb is also the co-founder of a natural supplement company called Reprimo.

Too Hot To Handle’s Seb Melrose’s Instagram

Seb highlights his racing career on his Instagram, and even has a cheeky nod to it in his IG bio, which reads: “I live life in the fast lane…” In addition to posts of him racing, he posts lots of pics of himself as he travels and hangs with his friends.

Too Hot To Handle’s Seb Melrose Facts

Seb is from Glasgow, Scotland and also has El Salvadorian heritage, and has dual citizenship in the two countries. He has a bachelor’s degree in business, management, and marketing from Queen Margaret University. According to his Netflix bio, Seb never says no to anything, which hopefully works in his favor at the Too Hot To Handle retreat.

Season 4 of Too Hot To Handle is streaming on Netflix.