The cast of Netflix's 'Too Hot To Handle' Season 2

Why Are There So Many Hookups In The Too Hot To Handle Season 2 Trailer?

It's like the cast members don't understand the rules or something.

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Tom Dymond

Get pumped for even more steamy romance, because Netflix's hit dating show Too Hot To Handle is coming back super soon. Season 1 followed a group of sexy singles as they dated in a tropical paradise while trying to resist the temptation of hooking up at the risk of diminishing their potential cash prize. It was a wild ride, and luckily, you can look forward to watching even more antics when Too Hot To Handle Season 2 graces your screen this summer.

On January 27, Netflix made the exciting announcement that Too Hot To Handle had been renewed for not just one, but two new seasons. While Season 1 was filmed in Punta Mita, Mexico, Seasons 2 and 3 will take place in an entirely new exotic destination: the Turks and Caicos islands.

The debut season introduced 14 singles who arrived on the show in hopes of a hookup-filled experience and were shocked upon finding out they weren't allowed to have any sexual contact with each other for the next month. Even kissing or cuddling would result in money being subtracted from their shared $100,000 grand prize, and watching them navigate their newfound sexless reality was hilarious.

Just like in Season 1, watching the new contestants react to the news they're not allowed to hook up with their co-stars will be part of the fun in Seasons 2 and 3. The new seasons reportedly began production under a false name, so contestants arrived on set unaware they'd be subject to Too Hot To Handle's no-sex rule.

Here's what else to know about Season 2:

Too Hot To Handle Season 2 Cast

Ahead of Too Hot To Handle Season 2, the show’s official Instagram account introduced a new group of clueless, sexy singles for fans to fall in love with all over again:

1. Cam, 24

2. Carly, 24

3. Chase, 24

4. Emily, 27

5. Kayla, 26

6. Larissa, 28

7. Marvin, 26

8. Melinda, 28

9. Nathan, 27

10. Peter, 21

Too Hot To Handle Season 2 Trailer

Netflix released a teaser video on March 23, which is full of juicy Season 1 clips bound to get fans in the mood for even more beachy drama. Netflix also shared a brief teaser announcing the release date, which showed off some glimpses of the new tropical retreat.

A week ahead of the Season 2 premiere, Netflix dropped a full trailer for the new season. Although the only rule in the game is to not have sex, the trailer is full of couples hooking up, so things don’t look good for their chances at winning a lot of cash... but they look great for viewers ready to eat up all the sizzling drama.

Too Hot To Handle Season 2 Release Date

New episodes of Too Hot To Handle Season 2 hit Netflix in June. The season will premiere with a batch of episodes on Wednesday, June 23 and it will release the second and final batch of episodes on Wednesday, June 30.

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