Tom Hardy's Movie Poster Turned A 2-Star Review Into Something Amazing

In his new film, “Legend,” Tom Hardy plays gangster Reggie Kray… AND his brother Ronnie Kray.

I know what you're thinking and, don't worry, one of them wears glasses.


Sadly, journalist Benjamin Lee disagreed, and slapped the film with a two-star review in The Guardian.

Lee wrote,

It's a disappointingly shallow take on a fascinating period of time… The legend might live on but 'Legend' certainly won't.

Rather than let one poor review punch the lenses out of Hardy's glasses, Universal Pictures decided to slap Lee's two stars right in the center of a promotional poster for the film among 11 other four and five-star raves.

Before anyone starts in with the back slaps (be gentle, don't knock Hardy's glasses off), it should be noted Universal tossed the two stars on the poster between the heads of two Hardys, making it look like a four-star (or five-star) review had been overlapped with photos of the principal actor.

Lee tweeted in response to the poster, acknowledging Universal's craftiness.

Fans replied to Lee's tweet, acknowledging Universal has full permission to play on playa.

Two stars for "Legend," but 40 stars for creative marketing.

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