Tom Daley debuted a new line of knit kits.

Tom Daley's New Knit Kit Line Will Have You Making Sweaters In No Time

He's sharing his love of knitting with the world.

Kirsty O'Connor - PA Images/PA Images/Getty Images

Knitting is an age-old hobby that’s been practiced for many reasons: to hand-make a heartfelt gift for someone you love, to practice patience, or to simply pass the time. And if there’s anyone who knows what’s up with knitting, it’s professional diver and Olympic athlete Tom Daley, who was spotted working on some hand-knit pieces during the Tokyo Olympic games. Tom Daley's new knit kit line is perfect for beginners, so it’ll have you making sweaters in no time.

Daley first began knitting as a way to practice mindfulness during lockdown, according to a Sept. 30, 2020 post on his Instagram page. “I started knitting at the beginning of lockdown and have been obsessed ever since,” Daley wrote. “I have started to crochet now also!” His knitting page, called “Made With Love By Tom Daley,” is specifically dedicated to his love of the craft, and it’s absolutely adorable. Now, Daley is launching his own line of 15 different “knit kits” with projects suited for knitters of all types — beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You can shop the kits on Daley’s new website.

The kits range in price from $66.69 to $293.44, with the most complex projects being on the pricier side. Additionally, every kit comes with everything you need to craft your own handmade works, like needles, yarn, and knitting patterns.

Daley was first widely noticed for his top-notch knitting skills during the Tokyo Olympic games, when he was spotted working on a piece during his downtime at a diving competition. Pictures and videos of Daley knitting went viral, and from there, the yarn is history.

“From calming the mind to a new hobby, there’s something in knitting for everyone,” Daley said in his Nov. 25 Instagram post. “I’ve created these kits to help encourage people to pick up knitting,” he added. So whether you’re making something for yourself or creating a gift for someone you love, Daley’s knit kits are bound to make your creation that much more special.