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Tina Fey Says Amy Poehler Hid From Donald Trump At An Adele Concert (Video)

OK, you would also act like a nervous eighth grader talking to Suzy Blattstein (the hottest girl in school) if you ever met Donald Trump.

Here is a true story: Two years ago, I met Michael Vick, who everyone can agree is a terrible, dump truck of a person.

Without going into detail, the meeting occurred outside of a media event in New York, and I just happened to be in the lobby of the event. He and I ended up talking for about two minutes before his people came down to bring him up to whatever party I was 100 percent not invited to.

What did we talk about? Football, specifically Philadelphia sports fans and how much I think they are the scum of the earth.

What didn't we talk about? Dogs.

Yeah, I know! I may have wimped out, but it's really difficult to just be like “I HATE YOU!” to essentially a stranger whom you just happen to know everything about. The same 100 percent applies here to this story Tina Fey told on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" about how she met Donald Trump at an Adele concert and how Amy Poehler didn't want to meet him.

Tina, I get it! I stand with you, fellow nervous human!

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