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Tia Mowry From 'Sister, Sister' Called Out A Body Shamer In The Most Perfect Way

When we post photos or videos on social media, we know we're putting ourselves out there for others to see.

For the most part, this socially-accepted practice of mass-oversharing is just that: accepted. We're used to it, and we don't usually treat people differently online than we would in person, especially if we know the individual personally.

For celebrities, however, social media platforms are an entirely different animal. While the Internet can be incredibly useful in maintaining a celebrity's career or growing his or her fanbase, it also gives “haters” a platform to verbally attack their target.

Recently, former “Sister, Sister” star Tia Mowry experienced this firsthand when someone commented on an Instagram picture to make a rude remark about her weight (specifically, the user, @miekk_ wrote, “getting fat”). Mowry, the picture of elegance, responded in the classiest manner possible:

I don't normally do this, but I wanted to prove a point. I just posted a few days ago about embracing and uplifting others about body image. Here, @miekk_felt the need to say I was getting fat. I took a look at your profile and I was sad to see that you WORK for YOUNG African American girls aiding in their studies. I hope this isn't what you would tell your girls? Does your BOSS know that this is how you degrade other WOMAN? @hbcutravelers Internet BULLYING is not cool and it needs to stop. Would you say this to my face? Is this how you speak to yourself when YOU look at yourself in the mirror. Again, I'm shining a light on this issue hoping to see change. Love and uplift! This is not just about me getting called fat. This isn't just about me. I could care less! I'm standing up for the people that like to hide behind computers cyber bulling calling many gay, skinny, slut, ugly, fat, the list goes on and on. Cyber bullying needs to stop!

I mean, slow clap. Does it get any classier than that?

Unfortunately, the company Mowry referenced in her response, HBCUTravelers, does not have any official connection with the Instagram user as Mowry had originally claimed.

The organization — a nonprofit devoted to helping young African-American women travel — did admit @miekk_, whose real identity is not known, was a “supporter” of the organization's mission, but denied any affiliation beyond that.

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