A disturbing painting of Joe Exotic to haunt your nightmares from Tiger King Season 2

The Tiger King 2 Trailer Is Here And It's A Doozy

Season 1 only scratched the surface, apparently.

by Ani Bundel
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Netflix hit big in 2020 with its documentary and docudrama slate, reviving the genre by marrying it to America’s other favorite obsession, true crime. The avatar of that movement was none other than Joe Exotic, who went from an obscure dude who owned tigers to a household name thanks to Netflix’s series, Tiger King. Although Exotic’s story seemed to be a mostly closed-ended tale, where there are ratings, there’s a way to make more content, and Tiger King Season 2 is indeed going to be streaming to our TVs — and soon.

Tiger King wasn’t expected to be the kind of runaway hit that it was in March 2020. But COVID lockdown times can do strange things to people trapped in their homes with only streaming series and Twitter to connect them. The story of Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage, aka Joe Exotic, the self-proclaimed “Tiger King,” and his rivalry with fellow big cat enthusiast Carole Baskin was so over the top it became all anyone could talk about.

But it wasn’t the only true-crime series that hit big on Netflix. Between the revival of Unsolved Mysteries and the deep dive into the college admission scandal known as Varsity Blues, it seemed Netflix had practically cornered the market on docudramas. So naturally, there’s going to be more where that came from. Here’s everything we know so far about Tiger King Season 2.

Tiger King Season 2 Trailer

On Sept. 23, 2021, Netflix released a teaser featuring its new lineup of thrilling documentary series. The slate is, of course, anchored by the 400-pound cat in the corner, Tiger King Season 2. Although the teaser gave little away about the new season, just that it’s coming back at all is enough for most fans to get excited.

On Oct. 27, the full trailer for the new season dropped, and... it’s a lot. For those who thought a new season of Tiger King might turn to a new mystery or focus on Carole Baskin’s side of things, that’s not what’s coming. Instead, Tiger King 2 is literally a follow-up to the first Tiger King, featuring the reactions and behaviors of all those who participated in the first season and the hoopla around the show itself. In short, it’s Tiger King turning the camera on Tiger King.

Tiger King Season 2 Plot


When Tiger King Season 2 was initially tossed around as an idea, there were rumors that the show would move on from Joe Exotic to a new tiger-based true crime story. There were claims in The Hollywood Reporter that a Season 2 might focus on Siegfried and Roy and the tiger attack that left Roy Horn permanently injured and ended their long running Vegas act.

But those reports are erroneous. Not only is Joe Exotic’s portrait front and center, but also footage from Season 2 shows both him and Carole Baskin as part of the new season. Considering the notoriety the series brought to both people (and some allegations that suggested Baskin might have a few secrets to hide), perhaps there’s more story to tell after all.

Tiger King Season 2 Release Date

Netflix shocked fans by revealing the new season of Tiger King would premiere very shortly after it was announced. The streamer dropped a date announcement teaser that focused on how explosive Season 1 was and promised an even wilder Season 2. The new season will begin streaming on Nov. 17, so fans won’t have to wait long to jump back into the drama.

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