TI's Wife Has A Lot To Say In Response To Her Husband's Sexist Comments (Video)

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The UNDENIABLE star of  VH1's "T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle" had some pretty lukewarm views on her husband's absurd rant about Hillary Clinton.

Long story short, TI told a radio interviewer he would never vote for Hillary Clinton because women make "rash decisions emotionally" and then proclaimed the Loch Ness Monster had a better shot at getting into the White House than Hill.

Those were his actual words. Those are things his brain thought would be good things to say out loud with people listening.

Sure, we're all angry about what he said, but -- and this is a question I ask myself about literally anything -- how does Tiny feel?

When stalk-interviewed (stalkterviewed?) by a TMZ reporter armed with a handheld camera and some hard-hitting questions on feminism, Tiny, TI's wife, admitted she thought TI's comments on Hillary Clinton were wrong, though she didn't seem that angry about them.

When asked if she "personally [felt] disrespected" by the comments, Tiny told the reporter,

No, I'm not disrespected cause I know him. I know who he is.

Although she admitted he occasionally does trend toward being not the most progressive thinker about women, she said,

You know he just lives in the old man, you know, 'man-take-care-of-woman' chivalry type thing.

She followed that up by saying,

He wants to be the man. He wants to take care of everything. He wants the woman to be the woman, to be treated like a princess.

She did say she disagreed with him and ended the interview by letting the TMZ rep know she planned on giving TI a stern talking-to. She said,

I will, I'm gonna let him know.

Yeah, Tiny! GET IT!

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