This Throwback Video Of Drake Doing Improv Is So Hilariously Awkward


I honestly forget Drake was an actor until I watch throwbacks of "Degrassi" and see his little face pop up on TV.

It's crazy to think about how far Drake has come and how much he's accomplished over the years. You may not know this, but Drake did improv back in the day when he was just a little nugget.

A hilarious clip surfaced of the Views rapper partaking in a skit where he acts things out, makes some jokes and then sings his heart out. It's pretty funny to watch (but also super awkward... and also super weird).

Long story short, you have to check it out above.

When old videos of stars surface out of nowhere, it makes me think about what crazy shit would resurface from my childhood if I ever become famous.

Actually, let's not think about that too much. I don't want to have nightmares. This story isn't about me, it's about Drake.

In the video, you can see Drake's performance at the improv club in Toronto. I'm warning you though, things get pretty crazy.

Aka, Drake becomes super intimate with this random woman on stage in front of a bunch of people and sings about her pregnancy.

Oops, I've said too much. BYE!

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