Amy Adams as Anna Fox in The Woman in the Window.

Twitter Is Absolutely Dragging Woman In The Window & Amy Adams Fans Are Upset


It's hard out here for Amy Adams fans. Just months after starring in the Oscar-nominated but critically panned film Hillbilly Elegy, the actor is back for another Netflix drama that hasn't exactly been a huge success among viewers. So brace yourself: These tweets about Amy Adams' new movie Woman in the Window are brutal.

Based on author A.J. Finn's novel of the same name, The Woman in the Window follows Anna Fox (Adams), an alcoholic, agoraphobic New York psychologist who finds herself unable to leave her Harlem brownstone after being mysteriously separated from her family. Her life suddenly changes for the better when the Russell family becomes her new neighbors, and Anna bonds with both the son, Ethan (Fred Hechinger), and his mother Jane (Julianne Moore).

But when Anna seemingly sees Jane get stabbed by controlling Russell patriarch Alastair (Gary Oldman), she's horrified when Alastair claims she'd never met his wife, and the person he introduces as Jane (Jennifer Jason Leigh) is a woman she's never met before. Although no one believes her about the original Jane's murder, Anna is forced to put the pieces of this twisty puzzle together herself... even as her own life is threatened in the process.

The Woman in the Window bears more than a passing resemblance to other buzzy thrillers like Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train, and features an A-list cast. So it should be a hit, right? Well, not so much. Although the film became the #1 most-watched title on Netflix upon its release, many fans weren't happy with its muddled story and all-around messy execution. After Hillbilly Elegy's poor performance, it left plenty of viewers concerned about where exactly Adams' career is headed.

While Adams' last few films haven't been total triumphs, fans shouldn't give up hope. After all, this is a woman with six Academy Award nominations, two Emmy nominations, and a Golden Globe! She's got the range, people.

Plus, her upcoming release schedule looks promising. After recently appearing as Lois Lane in the highly anticipated Zack Snyder's Justice League, she's playing Cynthia Murphy in the film adaptation of the Tony Award-winning musical Dear Evan Hansen (which hits theaters this September). And she's currently working on Disenchanted, the sequel to the Disney's beloved 2007 comedy Enchanted. There's plenty to look forward to as an Adams fan, and let's all hope these movies will be well worth the wait.