This Theory About The 'AHS: Cult' Teasers Will Make You Rethink Everything


American Horror Story has already started indoctrinating us into its new cult. Ryan Murphy's spooktacular anthology series is known for giving fans hints at what each mysterious new season will be about in multiple teasers, but this season is a little different. Yes, we've been getting a bunch of scary teasers giving us the cultish vibe of the new season, but fans have pointed out that the teasers this season are much less varied than in seasons past. That observation led to this convincing American Horror Story: Cult teaser theory, which adds a whole new meta layer to the teasers.

Fans quickly noted how repetitive and similar each of the eleven teasers have been for this season, which is a stark contrast to past seasons. In fact, when promoting last year's AHS:Roanoke, the teasers were so incredibly dissimilar that fans were left assuming only one could be real and the rest were simply red herrings. But this year, pretty much every single teaser includes the same scenes of a large group of clowns swaying in a circle. The new teasers didn't really add anything new, just more clips of creepy clowns.

Well, one Redditor theorized this sameness was purposeful. According to his or her theory, the teasers are so repetitive in order to fit in with the cult theme of the new season. The sameness and repetition actually play with the idea of brainwashing and hive-mind mentality. You can check out all the teaser for AHS: Cult below and see if you agree.

I think the theory definitely holds water. AHS fans know that the show loves to be as creative as possible with its teasers, so the fact that there's been so little variety this time around must be a deliberate choice. But it's also making this season one of the most mysterious ones yet. We'll have to wait to see what the cult is really all about when American Horror Story: Cult premieres on Sept. 5.