Theon Greyjoy Finally Faced Jon Snow On 'GOT' And It Was Exactly What We Expected

by Ani Bundel

This post contains spoilers from Game Of Thrones Season 7, Episode 4. This season of Game of Thrones really has been all about characters who haven't seen each other in years finally on the same set together. While some reunions are far more anticipated than other (the Starks siblings, for instance) there are just as many minor ones rife with history and emotion behind them that are happening, too. I'm not talking about Davos flirting with Missandei either. I'm talking, for the first time since Season 1, this Theon and Jon Snow reunion.

Now, there have been plenty of awkward moments at Dragonstone this season already, what with Davos showing up, meaning Melisandre had to flee, or Dany and Jon butting heads over who bends what knee to which ruler. But Theon's arrival at Dragonstone, while Jon Snow, King of the North, is in residence, is certainly up there.

Cast your mind back all the way to Season 1, back when Jon Snow was a bastard in his father's castle while Theon was a ward and technical hostage from the Iron Islands. Theon was a total jerk to everyone, and he was treated better by Catelyn than Jon was. Yet, when the first push came to shove, it was Theon who betrayed the Starks, not Jon.

In case anyone forgot, the entire reason that the Boltons had control of Winterfell in the first place was due to Theon's utter mishandling of conquering the castle back in Season 2. It was because of Theon that Maester Luwin died, that Master at Arms Roddick was toast. Heck, one could even blame him for Rickon's death, since it was Theon's takeover that drove Osha to take the youngest Stark to the Umbers.

Most importantly, Theon is to blame for Jon having to ride all the way down from Castle Black, rally the North, more than half of which told him to go screw himself, and nearly got himself killed getting Winterfell back. Theon has a *lot* to answer for.


Can you really blame Jon for looking like he's like to put a fist through the Greyjoy kid's face?

But let us remember, Theon has been punished. Jon Snow doesn't know the details of what Ramsay did, but he knows what Ramsay did to Sansa. He also knows that it was Theon who snapped and saved Sansa's life when Myranda threatened it.


Theon might not have been able to apologize for what he'd done, but he did try and put it right in the end.


Also, note how Theon twitches as Jon holds him by the collar. I'm not thoroughly convinced he's not regressing back to Reek. Time will tell there, though. Just as soon as Dany gets back from war.