Happy Birthday!
The Weeknd shared a sweet text message from his mom on his birthday.

The Weeknd’s Birthday Text From His Mom Is Totally Heartwarming

No, you’re crying!

Leon Bennett/WireImage/Getty Images

The Weeknd knows there’s nothing quite like a birthday text from your mom. The “Out of Time” singer turned 32 years old on Feb. 16. To commemorate the occasion, he shared on Twitter a sweet text sent to him by his mother. BRB while I cry.

Though it was sent by a phone contact labeled “Mom,” the messaged seemed to be signed by more than one parent. Judging from their loving message, they’re very proud of their successful son.

“February 16 @ 2:45 pm the Star is born Happy Birthday Abel,” they wrote with a heart, prayer, cake, and champagne bottle emojis.

“You are our hero God bless you and your work with much Love. Always yours proud parents,” the text continued.

That wasn’t the only post The Weeknd shared on his birthday. On Instagram, he also shared a photo of himself and included a cryptic message for fans. “32 and still in purgatory,” he wrote in the caption. “We’re about to enter PHASE 2.” It’s unclear what “PHASE 2” means.

The Weeknd’s mom wasn’t the only one to send the Grammy-winning artist a sweet birthday message. Tweets poured in, wishing him a great year ahead.

“Happy birthday to the goat @theweeknd. Thank you for everything I love you,” one person tweeted with a white heart emoji.


Even Beyoncé wished The Weeknd a happy birthday on her website.

The Weeknd is starting 32 on a high note. He’s fresh off the release of his fifth studio album, Dawn FM. It debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200. Judging from his latest post, he may be blessing fans with something exciting when “PHASE 2” comes.