The Rock's New TV Show Will Have More Eye Candy Than 'Baywatch'


I don't know if you've heard, but the world's highest-paid actor is about to bring the heat with a new show titled "Muscle Beach."

The show will premiere on USA, which has been something of a hit-factory of late -- if you haven't seen "Queen of the South" yet, I don't know what you're doing with your life.

The Rock is already killing it with the NFL-inspired "Ballers" on HBO, and "Muscle Beach," which will reportedly showcase the Venice Beach bods of the '80s, will probably blow the rest of network television right out of the water.

In typical Rock fashion, Dwayne Johnson made the "Muscle Beach" announcement via Instagram, where a good chunk of his roughly 60 million followers approved of the news.

The caption accompanying The Rock's "Muscle Beach" promo picture offered a detailed explanation of the project:

An original hour long drama series who's found the perfect home at USA -- a network who's been on fire with their brilliant dramatic television. 'Muscle Beach' is set in a legendary bodybuilding gym in 1980's Venice Beach where a colorful tribe of lost souls struggle to reinvent themselves by bench-pressing their way to a bigger, better American dream, no matter what the cost. As the series explores the body obsessed fitness movement that took the nation by storm during the supersized Reagan 80's, the excess of the era and the many temptations of Los Angeles will expose the dark side of chasing dreams. As a kid growing up in the 80's it's exciting to produce a series that stays true to our brand and dig deep into an iconic time in bodybuilding and unique Venice Beach culture -- the 80's.

It sounds like The Rock is pretty passionate about his latest work, which means we should all be excited for what's in store.

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