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Fans Are Split Over HBO Max's New Show Parodying Prince George & The Royals

Shouldn't the royal children be off limits?

James Devaney/FilmMagic/Getty Images

If you’ve ever wanted to see Prince Harry in cartoon form, HBO’s new animated series The Prince does just that. The show includes a number of royal family members as cast members and provides a comedic take on the inner workings of the royal family, but not everyone is happy with the series. These tweets about HBO Max's The Prince reveal fans are conflicted about the plotline.

The Prince features an all-star cast, so, despite it being an animated series, you’ll surely recognize a few voices. The show stars Gary Janetti as Prince George, Orlando Bloom as Prince Harry, Alan Cumming as George’s butler Owen, Frances de la Tour as Queen Elizabeth, Lucy Punch as Kate Middleton, Condola Rashad as Meghan Markle, Iwan Rheon as Prince William, Dan Stevens as Prince Charles, and Sophie Turner as Princess Charlotte.

HBO unveiled the first 12 episodes of the animated series on July 29, and they already have royal fans divided. Prince George is the focal character in the show, and many took issue with how he, and other royals, were represented.

“Kids should be off limits,” one fan insisted after realizing 8-year-old Prince George is the main character.

Many people seemed to agree. Numerous tweets claimed the satirical basis for the show is inappropriate for children.

At the same time, others pointed out the outrage seemed one-sided. As one fan noted, royal fans’ anger over Prince George being parodied seemed to far outweigh the anger expressed when Prince George was previously used to mock the Sussexes.

“When Prince George was weaponized to attack Meghan & Archie, royalists celebrated & asked for more,” one fan tweeted. “In addition, Very few reporters condemned his actions.”

Others simply think the outrage is overblown. While it’s hardly receiving rave reviews, a true few say they are invested and plan to continue watching.

Will HBO’s The Prince be seeing critical acclaim? Probably not. But it has sparked a debate on whether the basis of the show was ever appropriate to begin with.