JoJo Reveals The One Person Who Helped Her Make Her 'Bachelorette' Decision

If you guys were wondering how exactly JoJo Fletcher came to her final decision on last night's finale of "The Bachelorette," I have the answer right here.

JoJo wrote in her final blog post that it was her sister, Rachel, who helped her realize Jordan was the right guy for her. She says:

Something you didn't see on this day was a conversation I had with my sister, Rachel. I know everyone at home remembers my brothers as the stand-out family members from last season, but it was actually Rachel who said something to me on this day that stood out. Rachel had pointed out that Jordan was so similar to me, and also reminded her of guys I've dated before. However, she didn't see this as a possible negative like my mom did.

JoJo goes on to say that her sister knew about the insecurities she's had with guys in the past, and she reassured JoJo not to think about that when it came to Jordan, who'd proven himself to be a sweet guy. "You cant put the mistakes of men that have come before Jordan onto him," Rachel told her sister.

The decision came after JoJo brought both Jordan and Robby home to meet her family. As we know from the last season of "The Bachelor," her family's opinion is crucial in her decision-making process. On the night before she had to decide, JoJo admitted she couldn't sleep. But she woke up following her heart. She said,

The message inside of Jordan's letter was everything I had wanted from him. To hear that he wanted to make things right and had received a blessing from my father.

And the two lovebirds are clearly a match made in heaven. If you missed out on the deets, here's what Jordan posted for his fiancée on social media.

JoJo's final decision wasn't a crowd-pleaser. But hey, true love is in the eye of the beholder.