Are 'Tell Me Lies' co-stars Jackson White and Grace Van Patten dating?

Are Tell Me Lies Stars Jackson White & Grace Van Patten Dating?

Nothing like an on-to-off-screen romance.

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Tell Me Lies might be Hulu’s steamiest show yet. The series focuses on the complicated (see: hot, but really unhealthy) relationship between Stephen DeMarco (played by Jackson White) and Lucy Albright (played by Grace Van Patten). The season finale episode aired Oct. 26, but that doesn’t mean White and Van Patten are done spending time together. Per Deux Moi, they’ve been spotted engaging in some major PDA. So, are White and Van Patten dating? Here’s what they’ve said about the rumors.

During an Oct. 25 episode of the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, White hinted at his crush on Van Patten, per E! “I have such a crush on her. I hope that happens," he said, when asked about a potential romance between the two of them. “Our lives are built in together. It's crazy, we have so much to do together.”

“She is the f*cking coolest, most grounded, amazing person IRL that you'll ever meet,” he continued. “She was the fearless leader on our show. She's 25 years old and runs a set like she's been doing this for 30 years. She's so consistent and good at this.”

Apparently, White looked up to Van Patten’s acting skills to help him better embody his character, Stephen. “Stephen is so intense, so manipulative, so crazy at times that I had a hard time being that guy,” White said. “Then when they cut, I would have to be myself and that was really hard for me. Grace was so good about compartmentalizing the character and herself and I just tried to follow that. She's the best.” Still, he wouldn’t share their current label.

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Van Patten was similarly vague about their relationship status. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight on Oct. 25, she said, “Fans should just leave it up for mystery, keep it fun. Who knows?” She added, “It doesn't bother me at all. It's fun. It's fun like any other discussion about the show. It's engaging and it's hilarious. I love it.”

A few days earlier, on Oct. 22, Van Patten told E! that White was her “IRL” crush. “Yes, biggest crush ever,” she said.

Well, unless they’re telling me lies, it certainly seems like there’s a spark there.